Who studies at SACI?
Our student body is wonderfully varied. We teach mature students and career changers, working students, firsttimers, parents, holistic practitioners and entrepreneurs, internationals, allied health professionals, and holistic/TCM assistants advancing their skills, for a start. We work closely with students to meet their needs with flexibility, and offer workfriendly class schedules well suited to busy lifestyles. Our ongoing Alumni Survey results will be in shortly. We anticipate high ratings in overall student happiness with the course, and news on graduates’ successful private practices, hospital affiliations, national council and association memberships, and interesting experiences in TCM.

Please read our Student Testimonials

SACI Testimonials

Andre Coetzee

For anyone looking to study acupuncture here in Ireland. I would highly recommend the Shanghai acupuncture college in Dublin. Unlike the other colleges that teach this subject. Shanghai lets you go straight into the Theory of TCM and allow you to do a bit of neediling in your first year where as in other colleges, you would only start at a much later stage. While this may sound intimidating. You do not have to worry because all the teachers are qualified doctors who are able to share with you their own knowledge based on first hand experience. Since the classrooms are small, you are able to develop a good relationship with both teachers and other students which can be of great benefit while learning the tricks of the trade

Aaron Marsh

I’ve completed year two of the Diploma in Acupunture course at Shanghai Acupuncture College Ireland. For anyone that is interested in learning acupuncture and is not sure what college to choose, I recommend that you look no further.
The small classrooms allow for a relaxed atmosphere and ensure that every student gets plenty of needling experience. Shanghai Acupuncture College differs from most colleges because you can begin needling soon after the course starts. The constant hands-on practice has given me the confidence to start working as soon as I am qualified.
The teachers are all TCM doctors with vast levels of experience, sometimes treating up to 50 patients a day back home in Shanghai. This college has a real holistic feel to it and the Director, Dr. Su Pin Chen has been a pleasure to deal with. I could not rate this college highly enough.

Alex Gleeson GSR, Lic Acup, Spreac

By the time you’ve completed this course, through Shanghai Acupuncture College you’ll have a clear view of the essentials of Acupuncture. This particular Acupuncture course is taught by highly skilled and qualified Doctors who are part of Prof. Wu Yao Chi teaching team in China. The personal experiences of these doctors are invaluable to you the student, as it is more realistic and interesting while they are teaching you in class.

There is ample practical time to practice the techniques once you have grasped the theoretical aspect of TCM. Once you have worked through them all, you’ll find yourself in possession of skills and talents that will enable you to apply both ancient and contemporary acupuncture techniques. Techniques include: Moxibustion, Aricular acupuncture, Cupping, Electro-acupuncture.

I cannot recommend a trip to Shanghai 6th hospital highly enough. Here in Ireland I work as a Sports Trainer and I gained invaluable experience in China that I can apply in the Sports Medicine field. The Doctors who lectured us on the course in Ireland also worked with us in China. This gave us a distinct advantage over other international students who were also on Clinical placement with us in Shanghai 6th Hospital. We gained excellent hands on experience in the 6th People’s Hospital of Shanghai.

Robert Lovett

I was delighted with the Learning opportunity afforded to me by the college. Everything was taken care of on my behalf from an entry visa to hotel accommodation. The hotel was clean and neat and literally could not have been closer to the hospital if it had been placed within it! The hospital was very large, very modern and seemed to have every possible facility available for its patients.

As for the course itself, I was met by the Doctors who taught me in Ireland. They were friendly and courteous and introduced me to everyone who worked in the department.

The days were spent in one of the Doctor’s offices seeing and treating patients. The Doctor’s took us through the patient’s complaints and translated what they were saying in excellent English. We were encouraged to ask questions of both the Doctors and the patients and were given many opportunities to give our opinion regarding the patients tongue and pulse and general diagnosis. The patients were friendly and delighted that we were there and taking an interest in their culture (and put up with a nervous student’s needle insertion).

I cannot stress enough how patient the Doctors were in dealing with our questions and were very thorough in explaining why a certain diagnosis was made. I asked one of them how many patients they thought they saw on a daily basis and he informed me that they are obliged to meet a quota of 900 patients per month so you can imagine how busy it was. I feel I learned alot on both an academic and a practical level and really got a feel for what it is to be a part of an extremely busy acupuncture practice.