Short Courses

TCM Dietary Therapy Course

Food is the best medicine! Learn the nature and categories of food types, and how they are used for health, longevity, disease prevention, and treatment of health problems. Advise your clients how to use food medicine, to eat right according to the four seasons and five elements, to enhance yin or yang, to promote blood, qi and essence, to nourish and protect specific organs, and to encourage proper food transformation and fluid distribution.

This is a 6week, part-time course offered in 2016. No prerequisite is necessary. For more detailed information please contact the College.

Chinese Herbal Medicine Certificate Course

The emphasis of this course is on practical applications of Chinese herbal medicine, designed for postgraduate TCM practitioners who want to add herbal medicine to their clinical expertise. Because it is designed for TCM  postgraduates, the emphasis is on practical learning experience achieved from clinical work, case studies & dispensary experience.

Course Description: Certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine This is a modular, part-time, 12month program. A Distance Learning format can be used for some modules. The certificate is awarded upon successful completion of this course and is a prerequisite for attending the diploma course in Chinese Herbal Medicine. This course is held at weekends from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm on Saturday and Sunday. A 2year, part-time course leading to a Diploma is also available.

Course details:
● Detailed study of over 210 Chinese herbs commonly used in Chinese pharmacies, including toxicity, dosage and common herbal pairings.
● Introduction to Chinese Food Science and Nutrition
● 6 clinic weekends with an emphasis on patient contact with clinical and dispensary experience

Eligibility: As Traditional Chinese Medical theory is a prerequisite for studying Chinese Herbal Medicine, eligibility for this course is for TCM practitioners. Applicants will be required to provide proof of their TCM qualifications, and details of the curriculum they have studied. Students who
have already studied subjects covered in the Certificate of Chinese Medicine at another college may apply to attend the Diploma in Chinese Herbal Medicine. Eligibility will be based on production of class exam results and an entrance test. International Students: Students must have a good command of English as all the lectures and clinics are held in English. For visa requirements to study at the college, please contact the college administration.

Fees: The course fee is €3,600.00 per year, and includes examination fees. There is a €40.00 fee to cover expenses per 3 day weekend. Payment options are available.