Part-time Diploma in Acupuncture and TCM

Course Description/Code: Parttime
Diploma in Acupuncture and TCM (SACI004)
Course Schedule: This course starts in September 2016.
Duration: 3 years Part-time. The class schedule is designed to accommodate potentially working students, and meets for two weekend days per month, over 10 months of the year. There is a greater emphasis on self-directed study in theoretical areas of this course, including over 450 class hours.

Course Details: The Part-time Diploma Course is a 3 year program providing a foundation study in the core aspects of Acupuncture theory and practice and then moving forward to an in-depth study of the techniques of the discipline. The program is delivered through expert lectures and workshops involving continuous demonstration and weekly hours of practical training from the earliest stages of the program. Assessment is carried out by means of term papers, session examinations in June of each year and marks awarded for participation in class and clinical practice sessions. A foundation course of 40 hours in Anatomy and Physiology is available for all Diploma students  throughout the year. The Part-time Diploma (and the Full-time version) is awarded by Shanghai Acupuncture College Ireland, in partnership with the Sixth Medical College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Shanghai and its affiliated Teaching Hospital.

Successful graduates of the 3 year Part-time Diploma program (or its Full-time
equivalent) are eligible for entry to the add-on one year Full-time Degree program, or the 2 year Part-time Degree, which will be offered by Shanghai Acupuncture College Ireland in partnership with The Sixth Medical College of TCM in Shanghai.

Fees: € 3,800 per year. Payment options are available.

For a detailed outline of the curriculum see Acupuncture Overview
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