Diploma in Chinese Herbal Medicine

Course Description/Code: Diploma in Chinese Herbal Medicine (SACI005)
Course Schedule: Starts in September 2016.
Duration: A modular, Part-time, 17 month program.This course is held on weekends from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. on Saturday and Sunday. There are also some 3 day weekends required.

Course Details: The emphasis of this course is on practical applications of chinese herbal medicine, designed for postgraduate TCM practitioners who want to add herbal medicine to their clinical expertise. Because it is designed for TCM postgraduates, the emphasis is on practical learning experience achieved from clinical work, case studies & dispensary experience. In – depth study of over 125 herbal formulas, study of common pathologies, drug/herb interactions, plus the practical diagnostic skills required for a successful practice, interpreting lab data, reading test results, diagnostic palpation and western medicine physical exam techniques. Students undertake 16 clinical weekends with an increased emphasis on student responsibility for the patient. Increased clinical and dispensary management experience, with the development of Pao zhi herbs, creams, lotions, tinctures and plasters.

Eligibility: As Traditional Chinese Medical theory is a prerequisite for studying Chinese Herbal Medicine, eligibility for this course is for TCM practitioners who have completed the Certificate of Chinese Medicine. Applicants will be required to provide proof of their TCM qualifications, and details of the curriculum they have studied. Students who have already studied subjects covered in the Certificate of Chinese Medicine at another college may apply to attend the Diploma in Chinese Herbal Medicine. Eligibility will be based on production of class exam results and an entrance test. International Students: Students must have a good command of English as all the lectures and clinics are held in English. For visa requirements to study at the college, please contact the college administration.

Fees: € 3,600 per year. Payment options are available.

For a detailed outline of the curriculum see Acupuncture Overview & Herbal Medicine Overview
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