About SACI

Welcome to Shanghai Acupuncture College Ireland online! We’re committed to expanding the number of holistic healers in Ireland, and worldwide, who understand that good health is rooted in a balance of the mind, body and spirit. We believe there is no more rewarding profession than this, and invite you to begin your journey here with us. At its core, SACI is about bringing together experienced wisdom with modern medicinein the heart of Dublin City. We’re dedicated to the growth of TCM professions within mainstream Irish medicine. Our faculty are a mixed team of both visiting and local experts, who are committed to academic excellence and set high standards.

We use identical methods and procedures that students learn in China, and also arrange for students to travel and work with their professors in clinical practice in Shanghai following the Degree program, or for interested students in our other programs. Our students’ credentials are recognised internationally: we are affiliated with Shanghai TCM Teaching Hospital, the 6th Teaching Hospital of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, also known as the top research authority in China, overseeing the International Training Hospital. Our Level 7 Degree in Acupuncture and TCM is the only program of its kind available in Ireland.

Our courses are offered in an intimate, supportive environment, balancing theory with ample handson training time early on, with an ideal staff to student ratio. There’s plenty of opportunity for lively exchange of ideas with students, professors and guest lecturers. Our goal is to produce graduates that are excellent practitioners of TCM, with the skills to foresee the development and progression of disease and the knowledge to act to prevent it, or the ability to strengthen your patient’s natural healing processes.

To accommodate working adults and parents, we offer our courses on a fulltime and parttime basis, and our fulltime programs are internationally registered, to meet the needs of International students. In 2016, SACI will introduce Distance Learning courses, eventually making all of our programs available in this format, with onsite intensive clinical practice modules.